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SM connector

*High contact pressure
*Secure lock mechanism
*Mountable on panels of various thickness without using tools.
*The contacts are individually surrounded by housing walls.

Product Profile
Series SM connector
Category Wire to Wire Connectors
Type Crimp style, With locking device 

Pitch 2.5 mm
Current rating MAX 3A
Voltage rating MAX 250V

Compliant with RoHS.
(LF)(SN) as identification part number shall be displayed on a label.
When ordering RoHS compliant products, please inquire to the nearest
JST Sales Office, or order them with the described part number adding
(LF)(SN) as the identification marking after it.

Further Information 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 SHF-001T-0.8BS
2 SMP-02V-BC
3 SMP-03V-BC
4 SMP-04V-BC
5 SMP-05V-BC
6 SMP-06V-BC
7 SMP-07V-BC
8 SMP-08V-BC
9 SMP-09V-BC
10 SMP-10V-BC
11 SMP-11V-BC
12 SMP-12V-BC
13 SMP-18V-BC
14 SMR-02V-B
15 SMR-03V-B
16 SMR-04V-B
17 SMR-05V-B
18 SMR-06V-B
19 SMR-07V-B
20 SMR-08V-B
21 SMR-09V-B
22 SMR-10V-B
23 SMR-11V-B
24 SMR-12V-B
25 SMR-18V-B
26 SYM-001T-P0.6

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