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YL connector

*The inner-housing lock secures the plug to the receptacle and prevents accidental disconnection.
*The secondary retainers enhance safety in case of partial insertion or accidental release of the contact.
*Housing lances

Product Profile
Series YL connector
Category Wire to Wire Connectors
Type Crimp style, With inner type secure locking device 
Feature With secure locking device

Pitch 4.5 mm
Current rating MAX 10A
(7A when retainers are mounted)
Voltage rating MAX 300V

Further Information 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 SYF-01T-P0.5A
2 SYF-41T-P0.5A
3 SYM-41T-P0.5A
4 YLP-01V
5 YLP-02V
6 YLP-03V
7 YLP-04V
8 YLP-06V
9 YLP-08V
10 YLP-09V
11 YLP-12VA
12 YLR-01VF
13 YLR-02V
14 YLR-02VF
15 YLR-03V
16 YLR-03VF
17 YLR-04V
18 YLR-06V
19 YLR-08V
20 YLR-09V
21 YLR-12VA
22 YLS-02V

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