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CZH/CZHW connector

These are the crimp type sockets that share the 1.5 mm pitch insulation displacement type CZ/CZW connectors Header and the holder with dual-row socket. More complicated harness can be designed with these sockets.

Product Profile
Series CZH/CZHW connector
Category Crimp Style Connectors (Wire-to-Board type)
Type Disconnectable type
Crimp style, Compact type 

Pitch 1.5 mm
Current rating 2A (AWG#26)
Voltage rating 100V
PC board
mounting direction
Top entry, Side entry

Further Information pdf Manual 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 CZHR-02V-S
2 CZHR-03V-S
3 CZHR-04V-S
4 CZHR-05V-S
5 CZHR-06V-S
6 CZHR-07V-S
7 CZHR-08V-S
8 CZHR-09V-S
9 CZHR-10V-S
10 CZHR-11V-S
11 CZHR-12V-S
12 CZHR-13V-S
13 CZHR-14V-S
14 CZHR-15V-S
15 CZHR-16V-S
16 CZHR-17V-S
17 CZHR-19V-S
18 CZHR-20V-S
19 SCZH-002T-P0.5

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