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BCC connector Connector for Automotive
MSA terminal Connector for Automotive
MSA connector Connector for Automotive
SQZ connector Connector for Automotive
SBO2 connector Connector for Automotive
TRZ connector Air-bag ECU I/O connector
EP-1(Electrically-Operated Hydraulic Unit) Crimping machines & Tools
RFC(W to W) Signal/hybrid type drawer connector
SRV Connector for Automotive
HSDP Connector for Automotive
ATLC Connector for Automotive
HPS Connector for Automotive
FAB Connector for Automotive
ASU Connector for Automotive
SBO Connector for Automotive
EA2 Connector for Automotive
NFG Connector for Automotive
1.5 Female Terminal Connector for Automotive
ADH Connector Compact and low profile type connector
ACHF Connector Compact and low profile type connector
IS Connector Connectors for infinite switch
CSR connector 1.0mm pitch insulation displacement connector
XA connector
(W to W, Compatible with glow wire test)
2.5mm pitch wire-to-wire connector
compatible with glow wire test
XA connector
(W to B, Compatible with glow wire test)
Compatible with glow wire test
CSH connector 1.0mm pitch crimp style connector
DAC connector (W to W) Hybrid type I/O connector
LEX connector Connector for LED lamp
LEH connector Connector for LED lamp
RARSF connector Right Angle RAST5 connectors
FXRH connector ZIF type connector for FPC
FGEM connector 0.25mm pitch connector for FPC
SUH connector 0.8mm pitch wire-to-board connector
PBV connector Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors
JXV connector 1.27mm pitch Board to Board Connectors
GIT connector (50P type) 2.54mm pitch, 50 circuits unsealed connector
ZRO connector An interface connector
SAB connector Wire-to-wire connector for Air-bag
SPH2 connector Connector for power supply cutoff switch
SQXW connector Connector for Air-bag
ACA connector Connector with Auto Coplanarity Technology
MEC connector Connector for Automotive
PFW connector Connector for top column module
PEA connector Connector for Ballast to Lamp System
AS connector Connector for Automotive
CPI connector PC board connector for Automobile
LEL connector Connector for LED lamp
LEA connector Connector for LED lamp
LEB connector Connector for LED lamp
ARV connector Connector for Automotive
HVD connector Connector for Automotive
ATL connector Connector for Automotive
HVGW connector Connector for Automotive
HVGT connector Connector for Automotive
CFF connector Connector for CFast™Card
SDHL connector For Micro SD card
ZPD connector 1.5mm pitch connector with secure locking device
UB micro USB connector Micro USB standard connector
FZ connector very small Non-ZIF type connector
SCR connector SIM (UIM) card connector
HPKO connector Optical rectangular connector
CS connector/TCS connector 1.0mm pitch insulation displacement connector
RIZ connector L type Hybrid type single-row drawer connector
PNI connector (W to W) 2.0mm pitch wire-to-wire connector
XNI connector 2.5mm pitch wire-to-board connector
MMJ connector This MMJ connector can be used outdoors. By adopting the metal shell,
high resistance to environment was realized.
SMPM connector/receptacle This SMPM connector is a small size push-on type coaxial connector
coping with the optical interface device.

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