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Search by Connector Category - Insulation Displacement Connectors (Wire-to-Board type)
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21 2.5 mm
NRD connector Series NRD connector
Type IDC style, Daisy chain connection, Disconnectable type
Current: 2A (AWG#24)    Voltage: 250V
The NRD connector allows 'daisy chain connections' or 'through connections'.
With these simple connections, many signals can be bussed to many different PC boards.
*Twin U-slot ID section
*Fully shrouded header
*The same shrouded header can be used for the XH crimp style connector, the NR and the BR insulation displacement connectors, and the JQ board-to-board connector.
22 2.5 mm
XAF connector Series XAF connector
Type IDC style, With secure locking device, Disconnectable type
Current: 3A (AWG#22)    Voltage: 150V
XAF connector is an insulation displacement socket connector which is compatible with the existing XA connector crimp housing (plug housing). The dipping type, SMT type, and high box type headers or the receptacle housings used for wire-to-wire connection can be prepared as the mated counterpart of XAF connector, and the wide range of connection style can be provided depending on the application.
23 3.96 mm
VR connector Series VR connector
Type IDC style, Top entry, Wire side-feed type, Disconnectable type
Current: 7A (AWG#18)    Voltage: 250V
This receptacle can be used for both daisy chain connections and end connections.
The connector suitable for the large electric current has been realized by using highly-conducting material, so that the connection of large current circuit enables.

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