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  Video of the hand tools for Crimping Terminals
Crimp Video

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In line with a policy of continual product development, JST reserves the right to change the specifications of the goods described in the catalog at any time and without prior notice. The drawings and specifications in this catalog are just for reference. Please do not fail to get the original and the latest drawings and product specifications before use. Contact JST for details.

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Low-profile With secure locking device
Depth space saving Waterproof
High electric current capacity Absorbing PC board misalignment
For FPC with protrusion High withstanding voltage
With an inertia lock mechanism For LED lamp

Product Guide
Category PDF
Hand tools for Crimping Terminals
Handling Precaution for Terminal and Connector
Crimping technology for JST solderless terminals
Features of JST solderless terminals and solderless splices
Tensile strength and allowable current reference value of solderless terminals
Conflict minerals policy
New Product
BNI connector
  wire-to-board connector
FAH connector
  High electric current capacity connector
SQN connector
  Connector for air-bag
HIE connector
  HDMI E Type Connector
UBC connector
  USB Type-C Connector
JIA connector
  0.63/1.5mm Sealed hybrid type Connector
SQB connector
  Shunt-less Squib Connector
BCT-860L (Hydraulic hand tool (Battery operated type))
  Crimping machines & Tools
XAF connector
  IDC style, With secure locking device
BCC connector
  Connector for Automotive
MSA terminal
  Connector for Automotive
MSA connector
  Connector for Automotive
SQZ connector
  Connector for Automotive
SBO2 connector
  Connector for Automotive
TRZ connector
  Air-bag ECU I/O connector
EP-1(Electrically-Operated Hydraulic Unit)
  Crimping machines & Tools
Past new product     
The publication of 3D model
The 3D model can be downloaded on each page of the product infomation(Only a part of product).
Largest connector factory, start to build!
JST started to build the world's largest connector factory in Johore Baharu harbor district, Malaysia. (about plottage and floor space, by our company investigation) JST is challenging construction of the 21st century's new connector production system, that includes many unconventional ideas such as "Being conscious of an ocean and trading" from the container yard leading to an inlet and ocean.
Catalog Request
The web catalogue for connectors and terminals is now available on the JST website in 3 languages (Japanese, Chinese, English). This web catalogue is a replacement of the paper version, so please understand that we are not planning to print it again.

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