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Product Information
What's New
Change of the schedule for RoHS2 (February 1, 2019)
Production switching of products non-compliant with RoHS 2 will be postponed from the initial March 2019 to July 2019.
- The rubber part which constitutes JFA connector Metal shell series
- The rubber part which constitutes WPK connector
As for the other than the above, the switching to RoHS2 compliance product has completed.
In addition, “Compliant with RoHS” is described on the each product catalog, the description will be sequentially changed to the “RoHS2 compliance”.
RoHS2 Compliance (October 24, 2018)
Our Connectors/Terminals except for the following products are conformed to RoHS2. The following products shall be also shifted one by one to the RoHS2 Compliance product by the end of March in 2019. In addition, “Compliant with RoHS” is described on the each product catalog, the description will be sequentially changed to the “RoHS2 compliance”.
<RoHS2 non-compliant items at this moment>
・Some products of Vinyl-insulated terminals
※ “K” suffix on the part number as an identification mark
indicating RoHS2 compliance shall be displayed on the label.
・Some components for JFA connector as of Metal shell series,
J1700/2700/3700 series (Including S type)
and J1700M/2700M/3700M series
・Some components for WPK connector

New Product
2018/12/21、MWT connector release
2018/12/21、VL connector (HIGH CURRENT TYPE) (W to W) release
2018/12/21、VL connector (HIGH CURRENT TYPE) (W to B) release
2018/11/13、FHN connector release
2018/11/13、ZND connector release
2018/11/13、FWG connector (W to B) release
2018/11/13、FWG connector (Connectors for FPC and FFC) release
2018/11/13、FAH connector (Screw Lock Type) release
2018/11/13、PSI connector (High Current Specification D Type) release
2018/10/26、RWZ connector (Power supply system structure reinforced type) release
This is wire-to-wire, the power supply system drawer connector.
2018/10/26、LBT connector B Type release
This connector is for connecting the lithium polymer battery.
2017/11/17, BNI connector release
wire-to-board connector
2017/10/25, FAH connector release
High electric current capacity connector
2017/06/07, SQN connector release
Connector for air-bag
2017/02/06, HIE connector release
HDMI E Type Connector
2016/11/17, UBC connector release
USB Type-C Connector
2016/07/01, JIA connector release
0.63/1.5mm Sealed hybrid type Connector
2016/07/01, SQB connector release
Shunt-less Squib Connector
2016/02/24, BCT-860L (Hydraulic hand tool (Battery operated type)) release
Crimping machines & Tools
2016/01/22, XAF connector release
IDC style, With secure locking device
The publication of 3D model
The 3D model can be downloaded on each page of the product information(Some products are inapplicable.).

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RoHS Compliance Check & Search by Model No.
It is possible to select by "Model number (full or a part)".

Alphabetical Search
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Search by Connector Category
It is possible to select by "Category", "Pitch" and "Series".
1. Crimp Style Connectors
    (Wire-to-Board type)
2. Crimp Style Connectors
    (Wire-to-Board Board-in type)
3. Insulation Displacement Connectors
    (Wire-to-Board type)
4. Insulation Displacement Connectors
    (Wire-to-Board Board-in type)
5. Board-to-Board Connectors 6. Card Edge Connectors
7. FFC/FPC Connectors 8. Ribbon Cable Connectors 9. Card Connectors
10. Coaxial Connectors 11. Interface Connection Connectors 12. Wire-to-Wire Connectors
13. Automotive Connectors 14. Chain Terminals/Splices 15. Spring Type
16. Connector Kit 17. Protector 18. Compatible with Glow Wire Test
19. Other Connectors (Including headers)
20. Solderless Terminals
    ・Solderless Terminals     ・Solderless Splices
    ・DIN type Solderless Terminals/Splices     ・Shunt Wires
21. Application Tools/Machines

Search by Connector Feature
It is possible to select by each connector feature below.
1. Low-profile 2. With secure locking device 3. Depth space saving
4. Waterproof 5. High electric current capacity 6. Absorbing PC board misalignment
7. For FPC with protrusion 8. High withstanding voltage 9. With an inertia lock mechanism
10. For LED lamp 11. High-speed transmission

Technical Documents
Product Guide
Category PDF
Crimping Machines and Tools
Video of the Electric Oil Hydraulic Tool for Crimping Terminals
Crimp Video

Crimping technology for JST solderless terminals
Features of JST solderless terminals and solderless splices
Tensile strength and allowable current reference value of solderless terminals
Conflict minerals policy
Handling Precaution for Terminal and Connector
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