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Category PDF

PDF files of catalogue can be collectively downloaded for each product category.

 Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors (17.8MByte)
 Wire to Board Insulation Displacement Connectors (6.1MByte)
 Board to Board Connectors (4.5MByte)
 Card Edge Connectors (0.5MByte)
 FFC/FPC Connectors (8.3MByte)
 Ribbon Cable Connectors (1.4MByte)
 Headers/Jumpers/Compression type Connectors,Other Connectors (6.1MByte)
 Card Connectors (1.8MByte)
 Coaxial Connectors (0.1MByte)
 Interface Connection Connectors (5.1MByte)
 Wire to Wire Connectors (12.0MByte)
 Chain Terminals/Splices (2.8MByte)
 Solderless Terminals (4.0MByte)
 Solderless Splices (1.2MByte)
 Shunt Wires (0.6MByte)
 Application Tools/Machines (5.1MByte)
 DIN type Solderless Terminals/Splices (1.1MByte)
 Automotive Connector (9.7MByte)
 Spring type (0.1MByte)
 Connector kit (0.4MByte)
 Protector (0.1MByte)
 Compatible with Glow Wire Test (0.1MByte)

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