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ZL connector

*The box-shaped contacts serve as socket contacts in a wide variety of applications from low-voltage, low-current signal circuits to power supply circuits.
*Housing lances
*Secondary retainers
*Mountable on panels of various thickness without using tools

Product Profile
Series ZL connector
Category Wire-to-Wire Connectors
Type Crimp style, With locking device 
Feature With secure locking device

Pitch 5.0 mm
Current rating MAX 10A
Voltage rating MAX 300V

Further Information pdf Manual 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 ZLP-02V
2 ZLP-04V
3 ZLP-06V
4 ZLP-08V
5 ZLR-02V
6 ZLR-04V
7 ZLR-06V
8 ZLR-08V

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