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JFA connector Protector

When applying a current to the connector, the protector prevents foreign substances being inserted into mating part from the wiring side. However it has no function of holding the wire securely.

Product Profile
Series JFA connector Protector
Category Protector
Type Protector 

eJFA-J2000pro eJFA-J300pro eJFA-J4000pro 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 J21PF-06SCA
2 J21PF-06SCB
3 J21PF-10SCA
4 J21PF-10SCB
5 J21PF-10VKA
6 J21PF-10VKB
7 J21PF-16SCA
8 J21PF-16SCB
9 J21PF-16VKA
10 J21PF-16VKB

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