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UB connector Micro USB (Waterproof)
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Product Profile
SeriesUB connector Micro USB (Waterproof)
CategoryInterface Connection Connectors
Current rating*When using only signal line
Signal line(when using the contacts from No.2 to 4.)/1.0A/Line
*When using power supply line
Power supply line(when using the contacts No.1 and 5.)/1.8A/Line
Signal line(when using the contacts from No.2 to 4.)/0.5A/Line
Voltage rating30V
Product description
This connector is an interface connector for cellular phone and mobile equipment conforming to Micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) Standard that is grade 7 ingress protection of JIS C 0920 (IPX7 of IEC 60529).

UB connector Micro USB (Waterproof)