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PSI connector (High Current Specification D Type)
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Product Profile
SeriesPSI connector (High Current Specification D Type)
CategoryCrimp Style Connectors (Wire-to-Board type)
TypeCrimp style, With secure locking device
Crimp style, High current rating
FeatureHigh electric current capacity
Current rating15A (3-circuit without the 2nd pin)
Voltage rating600V
Product description
This is a board-to-wire connector. Low insertion force type contact is adopted and it provides excellent operability. This connector has the secure locking device that has the mechanism for preventing the inverse insertion.
The connector suitable for the large electric current was realized by using highly-conducting material.
By adopting key shape and multi colors of housing, prevention function of mis-mating with conventional PSI connector is considered.

PSI connector (High Current Specification  D Type)