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Category PDF

PDF files of catalogue can be collectively downloaded for each product category.

 Crimp Style Connectors (Wire-to-Board type) (98.5MByte)
 Insulation Displacement Connectors (Wire-to-Board type) (19.5MByte)
 Board-to-Board Connectors (9.9MByte)
 Card Edge Connectors (2.0MByte)
 FFC/FPC Connectors (19.7MByte)
 Ribbon Cable Connectors (1.3MByte)
 Other Connectors (Including headers) (6.1MByte)
 Card Connectors (5.2MByte)
 Coaxial Connectors (1.0MByte)
 Interface Connection Connectors (9.0MByte)
 Wire-to-Wire Connectors (45.5MByte)
 Chain Terminals/Splices (4.8MByte)
 Solderless Terminals (6.7MByte)
 Solderless Splices (1.1MByte)
 Shunt Wires (0.6MByte)
 Application Tools/Machines (4.7MByte)
 DIN type Solderless Terminals/Splices (1.1MByte)
 Automotive Connectors (28.6MByte)
 Spring Type (3.6MByte)
 Connector Kit (3.1MByte)
 Protector (1.4MByte)
 Compatible with Glow Wire Test (0.1MByte)
 Crimp Style Connectors (Wire-to-Board Board-in type) (6.5MByte)
 Insulation Displacement Connectors (Wire-to-Board Board-in type) (1.9MByte)

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