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NSH connector (Wire-to-Wire Adapter) This is a 1.0 mm pitch, single row, wire-to-wire adapter for 1-N wire configurations, allowing two NSH cable connectors to join together. The basic mating structure is the same as that of the existing NSH connector for Wire-to-Board connections, providing stable mechanical and electrical performance.
NSH connector (Potting type) This is a 1.0 mm pitch, wire-to-board, SMT connector designed for ingress protection against potting material on the PCB. This potting-compatible version of the NSH connector features a strong locking function and delivers a noticeable click feeling during insertion. Together with low-insertion force contacts, the NSH connector facilitates a reliable mating operation.
JFA-B connector JFA-B is a connector suitable for 1:2 branching of signals and power supplies for factory automation, heavy electrical equipment, railroad and other general industrial equipment applications.
・Applicable to wide range of wires sizes (AWG #28 to AWG #14)
・Keying available to prevent incorrect mating
・These same contacts are used in the JFA Connector J300 Series
ULH connector eCPA Type This SMT connector that achieves the height of 4.1 mm while having performance that meets the in-vehicle standards USCAR-2 and LV214. Electrical CPA type provides unprecedented connection reliability by providing incomplete mating detection function.
ULH connector Right Angle Type This SMT connector that achieves the world's smallest class connector height of 3.5 mm as a crimped specification while having performance that meets the in-vehicle standards USCAR-2 and LV214. (Contact JST for details)
PJD connector This 2.0 mm pitch, dual-row, wire-to-board connector features a secure locking system and low insertion force contacts which allow for improved workability in equipment assembly lines. The mating lengths on the header side of the ground and signal/power pins are different in length to provide a mating phase differential of 2.4 mm. This enables a reliable sequence in the insertion and withdrawal process when connecting the header to the socket while improving circuit protection and safety of electronic equipment.
BSS connector This is a 3.0 mm pitch SMT connector for secondary power supply with current carrying capacity of 7A using AWG#18.
・Space for suction is ensured on the top side of the connector for the pick and place machine nozzle without the need for suction tape.
・Two types of keying available (Type A and Type B) for both 4 and 6 circuits.
・Inertial lock mechanism
RHU connector Unsealed hybrid connector using 0.64 terminal and 2.8 terminal for automotive applications.
UBC connector(USB3.2 Type-C Waterproof) This UBC series is a waterproof type interface connector with an IPX8 (Submerged in 2 meters of water for up to 60 minutes) rating for ingress protection per JIS C 9020 Protection Grade8.
Reversible structure that can be inserted regardless of front or back orientation of the plug, and power supply up to maximum of 100W.
The receptacle is USB3.2 compliant with a data transmission rate of up to 20 Gbps.
・ Waterproof type
・ Mating cycles: 10,000
・ Space-saving inner housing design
・ Dual row SMT solder tails
・ Halogen free

The publication of 3D model
The 3D model can be downloaded on each page of the product information(Some products are inapplicable.).

* Please note that the catalog is subject to change without prior notice due to the improvement in our product or the like.