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JWPF connector (Wire-to-Wire, Panel lock type) This is a 2.0 mm pitch wire-to-wire connector of the panel lock type with grade 7 of ingress protection of JIS C 0920 (IPX7 of IEC 60529), suitable for use for the place of which waterproof is required.
ULH connector It conforms the automotive standard; USCAR-2 and LV214 in spite of small and low height. It is suitable for small space and high temperature environment.
FHTG connector By providing a unique lock mechanism for confirming the mating, it is possible to insert the FFC with one action and pull out the FFC without unlocking, realizing good workability.
ZWP connector This is the waterproof type 1.5 mm pitch wire-to-wire connector incorporating the inner lock structure.
GX connector ・Narrow pitch (1.25 mm) compatible with AWG # 26 (UL10272/11079)
・Surface mount type that promotes automation without suction tape
・Low insertion force type is adopted focusing on workability.
・This connector has the lever type friction lock to prevent incomplete insertion by click feeling when inserting.
CPM connector Miniaturized and low profile surface mounting type connector for automotive. 0.50 terminal with 2.0 mm pitch realized its miniaturization.
CULH connector Smallest SMT connector in the world which can be used in automotive application (Height: 3.5mm)

The publication of 3D model
The 3D model can be downloaded on each page of the product information(Some products are inapplicable.).