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MJ connector

*The MJ connector has an upper contact point design. With this construction, the contact points are free from dust even before the connector is mated with the modular plug.
*The MJ connector has metal hooks, which provides click feeling when mounted on a PC board, and are soldered later.

Product Profile
Series MJ connector
Category Interface Connection Connectors
Type Modular jack connector 

Current rating 1.3A
Voltage rating 250V
PC board
mounting direction

Further Information 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 MJ-44J-RD315
2 MJ-62C-SD335
3 MJ-62J-RD315
4 MJ-64C-SD335
5 MJ-64J-RD315
6 MJ-66C-SD335
7 MJ-66J-RD315
8 MJ-88H-RD315K
9 MJ-88R-RD315K
10 MJ-88U-SD315K-T
11 MJ-JP68K

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