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VYH connector

This connector is designed for wire-to-board 6.5mm pitch connector corresponding to large current.
Secondary retainer, whitch prevents from insufficient insertion of contact and coming off contact, may use and large current circuit can be connected certainly and safely.

Product Profile
Series VYH connector
Category Crimp Style Connectors (Wire-to-Board type)
Type Crimp style, High current rating
Disconnectable type 

Pitch 6.5 mm
Current rating 15A (2 circuits/AWG#14)
Voltage rating 300V
PC board
mounting direction
Top entry

Further Information pdf Manual 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 B02B-VYHSK-1
2 B03B-VYHSK-1
3 B04B-VYHSK-1
4 B06B-VYHSK-D-1
6 SYF-01T-P0.5A
7 SYF-41T-P0.5A
8 VYHP-02V
9 VYHP-03V
10 VYHP-04V
11 VYHP-04VD
12 VYHP-06VD

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