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JFA connector J1000 Series (W to W)

Connectors for signal circuit or power supply circuit, applicable to the factory automation, heavy electric machinery, and other industrial equipment in general.
In spite of various kinds of housings available, their contact are designed to be common.
The applicable tooling can be standadized.

Product Profile
Series JFA connector J1000 Series (W to W)
Category Wire-to-Wire Connectors
Type Crimp style 
Feature With secure locking device

Pitch 2.2 mm
Current rating 6.4A (3 circuits/AWG#18)
Voltage rating 125V: J1100 series
250V: J1800 series
PC board
mounting direction
Wire to wire

Further Information pdf Manualpdf Manual2 3D Data
Model number IGES STEP Acrobat3D
1 J11DF-06V-KX
2 J11DF-06V-KY
3 J11DF-08V-KX
4 J11DF-12V-KX
5 J11DF-20V-KX
6 J11DF-26V-KX
7 J11DF-26V-KY
8 J11DFM-06V-KX
9 J11DFM-06V-KY
10 J11DFM-08V-KX
11 J11DFM-12V-KX
12 J11DFM-20V-KX
13 J11SF-03V-KX
14 J11SFM-03V-KX
15 SF1F-002T-P0.6
16 SF1F-21T-P0.6
17 SF1M-002T-M0.6A
18 SF1M-21T-M0.6A

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