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RWZ connector (Power supply system structure reinforced type) Series RWZ connector (Power supply system structure reinforced type) More InformationShopping Site
Type Drawer connector, Double-row, Space saving
Rating(AC/DC) Current: 15A (6-circuit AWG#14)    Voltage: 250V
This is the power supply system drawer connector which realized excellent toughness and durability by performing the secure guide and positioning when mating with assembled metal pin to the receptacle.In addition to the ease of robust design of the connection in equipment, provide safety and security.
TBX connector Series TBX connector More InformationShopping Site
Type Crimp style, For short-circuit connection, Spring type
Rating(AC/DC) Current: 50A    Voltage: 600V
This is a short circuit type power supply system wire-to-wire connector that is configurable up to 4 lines. For example, for one line on the input side, the output side can be branched into 1 to 3 lines according to a use application. It is also possible to its reverse. Use by mounting the crimped ring tongue terminal R8-5.

21-22 / 22  |   1   |  2  |