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License Agreement
1. Information included in document(s) to be downloaded (hereinafter called Documents) all belong to our company.
2. It is strictly prohibited that all or a part of Documents is duplicated or disclosed to any third party.
3. Please note that contents of Documents is subject to change without notice.
4. We forbid companies in the same industry to download Documents.
5. CAD data is for supporting your product drawing design.
    Information and configuration contained is simplified one and it does not guarantee actual product specification and shape.
    We shall not be liable for any damage caused directly and indirectly in related to the data.

When you agree to the terms of use, please input the following items and proceed to download of Documents.
Please understand that we may use information provided for sales activities of JST group.

Company name (indispensability)
Section name (indispensability)
Name (indispensability)
Address (indispensability)
Telephone number (indispensability)
E-Mail address (indispensability)
If you are unable to download, please try the following.
-Added www.jst-mfg.com to pop-up blocker exception settings in each browser setting.
-Download in other browsers